Honest SEO
SEO shouldn't be this difficult. Stop wasting your time trying to rank and start generating traffic.

Honest SEO will help you create a future friendly SEO strategy with a simple, repeatable process for generating consistent traffic.

What is Honest SEO?

Honest SEO helps remove the complexity from SEO by providing you with a basic understanding of how SEO works, how search engines view SEO, and how to develop a simple list of actionable items to get you on the way to SEO success.

Honest SEO will help you answer these questions

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Who should read Honest SEO?

Honest SEO was written to help anyone who needs an introduction to SEO, anyone who has done SEO in the past and needs a refresher, or developers who have clients that need a future friendly SEO plan.

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Who wrote this book?

My name is Matthew Crist, but my friends call me Hondo. I've been working with companies since the days of Windows 95 to help them develop beautiful user experiences.

In my time with these companies, I've learned a lot about SEO and have helped them develop revenue winning strategies while maintaining high quality experiences for their customers.

I believe that everything can be improved through an iterative simpliflication, and this is especially true for SEO.

With Honest SEO, I hope to be able to help others create future friendly SEO rankings for their sites through simple, actionable steps that are easily repeated.